What’s to tell?

I’m a guy in his forties, born and raised in a medium-sized town in Ontario, Canada. I had two good parents, no brothers and sisters, and I was sick a lot. Spent lots of time in hospital beds, under oxygen tents, with nothing but books and my imagination. If you like the worlds I come up with, well, that’s why I can do it. I had to entertain myself.

I’ve spent my career in publishing, both in the private and public sector. Mostly behind the scenes. You may not have read anything with my name on it, but I bet you’ve read something I wrote, or at least ferociously edited. I work from home now, in Toronto, the city I’ve lived in for more than 20 years.

I share that home with my wife and two young children. They support my goals and dreams and I do my best to support theirs. ‘You can be anything you want,’ I tell my two little ones. ‘But if you both become paleontologists and let me come along on your digs when I’m 80, I’ll be happy to do that.’

What else? How about interests? I have many: Film, especially silent film; robots; futurism; retro-futurism; science-fiction (obviously); pre-Renaissance art; medical history; religious and political thought; cheese; 80s toylines; natural science; combat sports, especially boxing and Sumo; video games; selected examples of professional wrestling.

I keep busy.

One of the goals I have in becoming a writer, besides selling enough books to join the ranks of billionaire science-fiction authors the world over, is to connect with people. ‘Connection’ can take a lot of forms: maybe it means we have a chat; maybe it just means you read something I’ve written and it affected you. Regardless, I’m excited to broaden my own horizons through these new interactions. We’re learning till the day we die, as many wise souls have said. No reason to slow down along the way.

Chris Edwards
Fall 2022